Here are the Contract Documents in Home Construction

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The essential contract documents in home construction often include the following: Articles of agreement and conditions of contract (the main documents where you can see the summary of project scope, timeline, etc.) Bill of quantities List of trades, services and materials to complete the project As-built drawings (results to be expected when construction ends, also…

Here’s Your Home Building Inclusions Checklist

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A home building inclusions checklist is important in ensuring you know what you’re paying for. For example, the electrical installation should be on the checklist. After all, full home electrical installs (including materials, wiring and labour) could cost up to an additional of $5,000. This also applies to the inclusion of bathroom waterproofing, room shelving,…

How to Hire Western Sydney Local Builders for Your Home

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Looking for Western Sydney local builders for your dream home? Read this first if you want to make the right choice and ensure the success of the biggest investment of your life. Here we’ll discuss how to choose builders and how to communicate with them. Let’s start. How to choose local builders First, what are…

Move into a New Home in Wollondilly & Get an H&L Package

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Planning to move into a new home in Wollondilly area? Perhaps it’s a career or a lifestyle change. Whichever is the case, we have complete house and lot packages both for starting and established families. Why choose a package instead of starting from scratch? In the past you might have considered designing your own home…

Home Design Trends Sydney: Which Trends to Watch Out For

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Personalisation and variety drive the home design trends in Sydney, Australia and other parts of the globe. It’s partly a result of the popularity of Instagram where families are exposed to a lot of home design ideas. That’s why custom house designs are on the rise right now. New and established families are now looking…

Here’s Your Simple Custom House Design Checklist

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A custom house design checklist can make the whole project faster and less overwhelming. You’ll also be able to make sure that everything progresses according to plan. It’s also a great way to ensure you’re not forgetting anything important. That’s why here’s a short checklist you can use as reference. This will help you gain…

Sydney New Home Builders: Where to Find Reputable Pros

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Searching for Sydney new home builders? This is a crucial task because after all, it’s your dream home. It will take a huge investment and you really want to get it right the first time. Some homeowners have experienced regret due to the wrong choice they made. There were surprise expenses (budget jumped overboard) and…

Single Storey House Plans: 3 Benefits for Sydney Families

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Single storey house plans are making a comeback. One reason is the  rising number of wealthy and middle-class Australians. For these homeowners, economy of land space is no longer a concern. In addition, individuals and families now realise the benefits of having a single storey house. Both in the short term and long run, Sydney…

Sydney House Plans: 3 Important Things to Consider

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In general, Sydney house plans should reflect the owners’ current and future lifestyle, wishes, dreams and personality. These are important as a home is a long-term investment and commitment. This is especially the case with a custom home design that requires a significant investment from your part. Every detail must reflect your needs and preferences….

Home Builders Near Me: How to Find a Professional Service

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Home builders near me? Many Australian families and individuals type that in internet or mobile search. It’s the easy part. The hard part is choosing one. That’s because it’s a huge (and long-term) investment for any individual and family. It’s recommended that you take the time and know more about your chosen home builder and…