Your design

Are you tired of seeing plans that you can afford, but are very basic and don't really suit your block?

Hume Building will build your dream home, your way, to your budget.

From your first contact, you will notice that we are interested in your needs and respect your wishes.  We meet with you and discuss your plans and work to carefully understand the lifestyle you are trying to achieve. We will visit your site to gain a better understanding of its surrounds, its contours and its potential. From that point, we can provide you with preliminary advice based on our experience and knowledge of council requirements.

Several other families have already approached us to design their dream homes. They told us their needs, wishes, budgets and plans. We discuss as much detail as we can. Then, we created home designs that families feel like they’re the ones who made them.

Whether it’s a contemporary or modern design, we’ve handled almost all kinds of projects. Our experience is helping us to produce cost-effective solutions while respecting the wishes of homeowners.

We will work with you to draw scaled plans and elevations as well as work out all site related costs applicable to building your home.

We work with all materials and construction types. Whether single storey, double storey, split level, lofts, contemporary or traditional, we will repeat our tried and tested formula for producing outstanding quality homes to produce the home you are looking for.

We provide accurate estimates to cover all the site-related costs to building your dream home. This way, you can focus more on watching how your dreams unfold as each brick is laid.

Contact us today to start the discussion.