Having your own home for your family is a huge commitment. Think about the significant financial investment (may cost $2,000 per square metre). Also consider the time frame for building a home (6 months to 1 year).

That’s why it’s crucial to think about all the details before finalising a home design or plan. It’s especially the case when you’re starting a family and you want it to be the best home for your kids.

Here we’ll discuss a few cool design ideas and considerations. This way, you’ll be able to set your priorities and enjoy the home for decades to come. Let’s start.

1. Consider green building principles

Applying eco-friendly practices right from the start will make a huge difference down the line. Think about the cost savings for years to come when it comes to your utilities.

Aside from the long-term savings, it’s also one of the recommended ways to set a good example to children. Just talking about saving the environment is not enough. It should be backed up by real-world examples they can already see (e.g. your home).

To accomplish this, take advantage of what nature already provides. This could mean maximising the natural light coming in and minimising the heat that enters your home. This could also mean installing a rainwater tank to harvest water and storing them for later use.

2. Are you planning to stay until retirement?

Thinking about retirement may drastically change your perspective especially when you’re planning a home. Its core design might change because of your plan for the future.

For instance, a single storey home is ideal for occupants of all ages (from infants up to seniors). There will be no stairs and all areas will be accessible. If this is important to you now (or will be important in the future), it’s recommended to consider single storey house plans.

3. Rustic or contemporary? Custom or production houses?

Your home should still best reflect your personality and lifestyle. It’s still possible to achieve the two things mentioned above while still aligning your home design according to your personal preferences.

Should you start from scratch and have your own home design? Or do you prefer ready-made designs made by professional architects and interior designers? Fortunately, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. You can start with ready-made designs and request for customisations and other modifications to it.

You can place emphasis on green building principles or your long-term plans. Start with something so you’re not beginning from scratch. You can always request for modifications right before the first brick is laid.

Start planning & choose the right builder

Right now you might be overwhelmed with ideas. The challenge is not having enough ideas. The real challenge is the abundance of ideas and how to select one for your home design.

Here at Hume Building, we can start with your ideas and we’ll try to integrate them into one comprehensive plan. We’ll prepare accurate models and walk you through the building inclusions.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your ideas for your dream home.