These days, the concept of modern homes is constantly reinvented to meet the aesthetic and practical demands of broader categories of clients. Some appreciate open layouts and multipurpose rooms, while others are looking for new ways to boost the spaciousness of low-maintenance, tiny indoor spaces. Some are fond of low-key minimalist environments, while others appreciate the luxurious touches of opulent homes with majestic architectural details.

Regardless of the kind of details make your heart skip a beat, at Hume Building our custom home builders have everything it takes to bring any type of dwelling to life on a budget and surprise you with some of the most remarkable custom home design trends that are worthy of your time, energy, and money.

  1. Versatile Outdoor Elements Used Inside the House. Forget about conventional materials used to add colour, depths and purposes to your indoors, and focus your attention on multifaceted outdoor elements that are now being used to beautify indoors. In today’s market, granite counter tops and marble floors are only two of the hottest key elements that could boost the resale value of your property as soon as they are installed.
  2. Stainless Steel Appliances Available in Bold Hues. Also, if you think that the bold metallic accents of your shiny silver stainless appliances turn your kitchen into the main highlight of a custom home, we’ve got news for you; the most amazing houses constructed by talented NSW home builders feature stainless steel appliances available in bold, vibrant hues. For instance, darker alternatives can add personality, style and class to an all-one kitchen, turning it into an agelessly beautiful space.
  3. Workhorse Kitchen Islands and Formal Dining Rooms. While high-tech features are still incredibly popular these days, more and more families seem eager to invest in tailor-made homes featuring living rooms and kitchens that are completely devoid of common digital distractions. Formal dining rooms are an excellent choice for homeowners who spend a lot of time entertaining in their own environment; at the same time, workhorse islands are now seen as the focal point of contemporary kitchens, especially when they feature prep sinks, ample seating space and deep storage.
  4. Smart Additions Designed with the Occupants’ Comfort in Mind. Don’t hesitate to add practical touches to features that you may have been taking for granted for too long. During this phase, you may want to consider that heated entryway floors are extremely popular additions in 2016, especially in cold areas where individuals have to dry their boots in their entryways.

Choose to build the home of your dreams by counting on the expert guidance and professional, affordable services provided by our custom home builders. Rely on the expertise and creative vision of your favourite NSW home builder to turn your boldest house design fantasies into reality on time and on a budget.