Buying your first home off the plan is a huge financial investment and personal commitment. That’s why here in this short article we’ll discuss a few important tips to ensure success and avoid the most common mistakes. Let’s start.

1. It’s also about choosing the right builder

Many first-time home buyers focus too much on the house design while forgetting about who built it. The truth is the choice of the right builder could be more important than the house design itself. That’s because reputable builders are likely to have chosen the best materials and applied excellent craftsmanship in their work.

Also take note that when you choose a home design you’re also choosing a builder along with your decision. This is a critical decision stage which can make your life a bit easier in the long run. In addition, you’ll gain some peace of mind that your home was built with quality in mind.

2. Choose a smaller floor area for better energy efficiency

A smaller home could mean significant energy savings in the long run. With the proper design, smaller homes could be more thermally efficient and less impactful to the environment. Aside from the lower upfront cost, this also translates to long-term cost savings.

Many pre-fab houses are actually designed according to this principle. Smaller rooms mean smaller spaces for either cooling or heating. Your HVAC unit will work less because of the lower energy required to cool or heat your space.

Consider also having fewer bedrooms (may cost at least $900 per square metre). The savings can then allow you to purchase energy saving solutions such as a solar water heater or solar panels as your your energy source.

3. Take note of future customisations

Some people think that pre-fab homes offer less flexibility. This could also be a good thing because you’re not starting from scratch. You can readily start living in a home with the most important functions. You can always do a remodel or other adjustments later on.

After all, additions, room expansions and kitchen renovations can always come later. What’s important is you’re thinking of the possible upfront and long-term savings when buying your first home off the plan.

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