Here’s Your Home Building Inclusions Checklist

A home building inclusions checklist is important in ensuring you know what you’re paying for. For example, the electrical installation should be on the checklist. After all, full home electrical installs (including materials, wiring and labour) could cost up to an additional of $5,000.

This also applies to the inclusion of bathroom waterproofing, room shelving, painted walls and ceilings and other home features. Individually these could contribute at least $1,000 to your total home construction expenses.

Your Sydney home builders’ checklist

When viewing the inclusions provided by a home builder, it’s recommended to check the following:

  • External features (e.g. sliding doors and windows, garage doors, garden taps)
  • Internal features (painted rooms, steel balustrades, shelving system to wardrobes)
  • Bathroom (waterproof seal to all wet areas, vanity mirrors, exhaust fan)
  • Kitchen (kitchen cabinets, overhead cupboards, full tiling)
  • Electrical & safety features (circuit breakers, smoke detectors, power points)
  • Contract & technical services (Homeowner warranty and construction risk insurance, preparation of application for approvals of building plans and specifications)


Those are just some of the most important inclusions. If you need a full list, you can view and download this comprehensive page.

The importance of checklists and inclusions

If you want to save time, the builders should take care of everything including building plans and other paperwork. This way, you can better focus on your work, personal life or family.

Take note that it might take 4 to 12 months for your dream home to be completed. It will be very stressful if the inclusions are far from complete. Also, the timeline might even get longer because of delays and unpredictability (e.g. supplier problems, weather issues).

But with complete inclusions, the whole task will be a lot lighter and easier for you. You will just wait for your house to be completed after you approved the designs. You can then check the progress from time to time.

Sydney home building inclusions checklist

Your home is the biggest investment of your life (home building could also be the most stressful). But with a comprehensive checklist and inclusions, it will be a rewarding journey instead.

That’s why here at Hume Building, we prioritise the clients’ vision and convenience. You can tell us your design and ideas and we’ll create a plan. Then, we can start building your dream home.

Contact us today and tell us your vision and requirements. We service NSW South Coast, Western Sydney and Blue Mountains.