Personalisation and variety drive the home design trends in Sydney, Australia and other parts of the globe. It’s partly a result of the popularity of Instagram where families are exposed to a lot of home design ideas.

That’s why custom house designs are on the rise right now. New and established families are now looking for something that best reflects their personalities and lifestyles. They stay away from the cookie cutter approach because they want something unique and new.

Emphasis on texture

Young professionals and small families have already seen hundreds (if not thousands) of designs for the whole house or for a specific area. Each of those designs might seem unique. However, they share a few common things.

For example, many homes and rooms now have an emphasis on texture. It’s not all about the colour anymore. The texture is now an equally important consideration. In addition, you can do a lot of things just by varying the texture.

It’s especially the case with the exterior of the house. Brick work and corrugated metal can instantly transform the home exterior. It can suddenly define how the home looks like overall.

Even the home interiors can be quickly transformed. It doesn’t mean the whole wall should be made of cork (or a surface that resembles cork). You can just reserve a small section of the wall to serve as a focal point.

Start from scratch or use something for inspiration

It’s challenging to come up with an original idea. After all, most of the home designs we see now are somehow derivations of one another. Or, it’s likely a combination of many different ideas.

If it’s overwhelming for you or you’re struggling to talk about your idea, you can just start with a specific house plan. You can then use that as inspiration and talk to the builders and architect what you want to modify.

You can also tell the builders about your priorities. Do you prefer a wide kitchen or a spacious bedroom? Do you want a dedicated area where you can unplug yourself from technology? Do you prefer minimalism or you want a touch of tradition?

Home design trends Sydney

The trends are there because of the changing times. Perhaps it’s the deluge of Instagram posts showing home designs. It could also be that people just want something personalised. Their home should best reflect their personalities and ideals.

Whichever is the case, we at Hume Building can help realise your vision. You can browse through our designs and use them as inspiration for your dream home. We will work closely with you so everything will be according to your budget and vision. Contact us today.