New smells nice. New is shiny and beautiful. The allure of owning a new home has caused many first time home buyers to build custom houses rather than buy old ones.

As the real estate market continues to improve, the number of first time home buyers also increases. Low mortgage rates and better financing programs have made it possible for more people to either buy or construct their first homes. As the number of first home buyers rises, custom home builders have also grown in popularity.

Custom Home Builders: The Gateway to Constructing Your Dream Home

When you think of a dream home, you know where everything is and how it looks. It’s very difficult to reach this dream if you decide to buy a house. However, with building, your chances of getting exactly what you want are higher. This alone is a major reason for most first time homeowners to choose building over buying. Here are few strong reasons to contact NSW home builders:

1. Personalise Your Home

When working with custom home builders, you get the chance to decide how your new home will look like from the very beginning. You don’t have to spend more money changing things around, like you would have to when you choose to invest in an existing structure. You choose the paint colour you want, decorate your house as you want and even choose the kind of landscape you want.

2. Annual Savings

A newly built home means that everything is new and functioning properly. You get to save money annually by avoiding repair costs and service plans. Another financial advantage of building your first home is that if you ever want to sell it, you will make higher profits compared to selling an old home. The newer your house is, the easier it will be to sell it and the higher the appreciation cost.

3. Health and Safety

Besides the ability to build your dream home, building a new home means that it will less likely have any toxic materials or be a health hazard as older homes often are. You are not at risk of having mould, lead paint, or asbestos.

Building a Custom Home: A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Are you a first time home buyer? Interested in working with a reliable home builder in NSW? Call us today to schedule a session with a house plan designer. It definitely worth looking into!