It’s still reasonably common to purchase a vacant land in Western Sydney. Although availability is becoming rare, investing in this region or putting your roots here could be really worth it.

One major reason is the future growth and current infrastructure plan in Western Sydney. First, the construction of the Western Sydney Airport is now underway. In fact, early earthworks have already started in 24 September 2018. The new airport is set to open in 2026 and create or support up to 28,000 jobs after a few years.

What does this mean to you?

As a result, expect property values in Western Sydney to appreciate for the coming years. Also, many professionals and business owners from other regions are eyeing Western Sydney for better careers and promising business opportunities. First movers always reap the maximum benefits if they’ve picked the right opportunity.

This applies both to future homeowners and investors in this region. Future homeowners will realise later that it was a great decision to buy land and build a home. Investors and other people with commercial interests may witness massive business growth because they have taken the best spots early on.

Often, new infrastructure (especially a huge-scale transport infrastructure such as a major airport) opens a lot of new opportunities and possibilities. The 28,000 jobs is just a start. That’s because the entire region will certainly attract and facilitate various business activities. Notice in the coming years how fast residential and commercial structures will sprout in Western Sydney.

Other opportunities in the region

Aside from the Western Sydney Airport (with site at the Badgerys Creek), roads will also be built and upgraded so passengers will have a fast and easy access to the airport. The plan is to service 82 million annual passengers over time. So expect major construction to commence and continue over the months and years.

As mentioned, this region will be a good place to put and grow our roots. It’s especially the case for future homeowners because they will gain fast and easy access to transport and commercial amenities. Their properties will also be a worthy investment because of the fast growth trajectory for the coming years.

Is it really a good idea to have a home in Western Sydney? The short answer is yes. The long answer is it’s actually an amazing idea. After all, it will be the home of Australia’s first digital airport complete with smart technologies that can service up to 82 million annual passengers. It’s really possible that this region will eclipse other areas in the near future.

Here at Hume Building (we’re based in Wilton, just about a 45-min drive to Badgerys Creek), we’ve already witnessed some growth here at Western Sydney. Residential developments are on the rise and our team is now busy handling various projects in Western Sydney, NSW South Coast and the Blue Mountains. Contact us today if you’re planning to have a custom home in this exciting region.