Will Your House Be Resilient to Environmental Changes?

The homes of the future should be adaptable and resilient. The houses should be able to withstand both expected and unexpected changes in the future (especially environmental and climate change).

In addition, it’s also good to consider the future changes related to you or your family. These have effects on designing a sustainable home. For example, it might be more practical to choose a single-storey home plan if you’re planning to stay beyond your retirement (single-storey homes will be more accessible to the elderly). In addition, single-storey houses with small floor areas often require less energy to cool or heat.

Minimal alterations through the years

For your home to become resilient, the materials and overall structure of your house should be able to withstand the weather and seasonal changes through the years. This way, there will be minimal repairs and alterations through the decades.

The resulting cost saving can then be used instead to purchase energy-saving devices (e.g. solar-powered appliances, advanced insulation & ventilation systems). The savings will then compound through the years.

Aside from cost savings, minimal alterations also result to lower environmental impact as there will be fewer materials to be used. Take note that each material might or might not be manufactured through green means. Also, eventually all materials will become waste and consider their environmental impact as they end up in the landfills.

To accomplish those objectives, it requires an integrated approach. First, the occupants’ future needs and changes should be anticipated to create a practical house plan. Second, all the materials used should be of high quality so they can better withstand environmental changes through the years. Third, implement a home design that somehow reduces energy consumption for lower environmental impact (and make the home truly sustainable).

Will your house be resilient to environmental changes?

It’s possible to create a synergy between your wants and sustainability. After all, there are now materials that are both strong and eco-friendly (e.g. manufactured through environmentally responsible means). In addition, many home building contractors now are capable of creating designs that take sustainability and energy efficiency into account.

Here at Hume Building, we will study your requirements while working with your vision. We can create a design plan according to your custom specifications, all while meeting council regulations and national construction standards.

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