homes to life.

Our goal is to make your
home building experience
one you enjoy.

Almost everyone has dreamed about entering a home designed to their custom specifications at one time or another. But most people believe that this type of goal is only a fantasy. Concerns about getting a custom home made (and doing so affordably) cause some people to give up on getting the home of their dreams.

At Hume Building, we can help individuals, couples, and families see their vision become a reality. By helping to design and create custom homes, our team has become a trusted resource for people in the area.

Check out our Brayton design that we built within 12 weeks!

Why we are the smart choice.

A variety of designs to choose from

Everyone has different tastes, and this is especially true when it comes to a large, long-time commitment like a house. From designs to fit individual lifestyles to creations made to be aesthetically pleasing, at Hume Building, we have completed a broad array of projects.

Unsurpassed quality and Service

Working with custom home builders can be an exciting experience, but some people aren’t sure exactly what they want when it comes to their new home. While most have a general idea, it can be hard to work out the details without assistance. This is where our expertise comes in – by working with customers, we sure that each detail of the project is worked out before the construction begins.

A holistic and affordable experience

When it comes to having a new home built, most people have their fair share of questions about the process and what is included. Hume Building works to provide an all-inclusive experience while still remaining affordable. From consultations to council inspections to construction insurance, Hume Building offers and delivers on the wants that custom home-seekers are looking for.

Creating beautiful custom homes in NSW

Hume Building has a team of experienced custom home builders who can help bring custom designs to life. This knowledgeable and affordable resource has the experience and skills needed to help anyone in NSW get the beautiful custom home they desire.


“We have lost count of the people stopping to comment on our new home and how unique it is. It looks great, amazing value for money and built to a high standard. The whole process was pain-free, and Hume staff communicated well with any queries we had and advised updates regularly. And built-in such a short time of 17 weeks. Would highly recommend.”

-Tracey and Gary