The essential contract documents in home construction often include the following:

The goal is to set expectations on paper for compliance and complete results. This is to protect both the homeowner and contractor.

Why contract documents are important in design-build projects?

Documents are especially important in design-build projects (starting from scratch). That’s because we expect completeness when it comes to our dream homes.

For instance, we need to make sure that the following are already in the inclusions:

In addition to the construction activity itself, the following technical services should also be included:

Smoother process for you as the homeowner

The detailed contract documents in home construction and inclusions will make realising your dream home a smoother process. Even the smallest details (e.g. waterproofing, garden taps, door stops) should be spelled out in the documents.

Moreover, detailed documents will ensure that everyone’s on the same page and has the same expectations. It’s often the case that problems arise after the project because of unclear expectations and the details weren’t spelled out.

How to choose a contractor to build your dream home

First, choose a reputable local builder with extensive construction experience. For instance, here at Hume Building we’ve been handling home construction projects since 2006. We have built homes in NSW South Coast, Western Sydney and Blue Mountains.

Our expert team lays out the plan with full details (read our Standard Inclusions so you can get an idea). You can also contact us today so you can learn more about our Inclusions and scope of services.