Single storey house plans are making a comeback. One reason is the  rising number of wealthy and middle-class Australians. For these homeowners, economy of land space is no longer a concern.

In addition, individuals and families now realise the benefits of having a single storey house. Both in the short term and long run, Sydney residents will enjoy those benefits.

1. Getting old with the house

Single storey homes are the perfect place for individuals who plan to livethere for decades to come. One main reason is the absence of the stairs.

Accessibility and convenience will be the priorities of aging family members. They need a home that won’t put much physical strain on their bodies. Through the years, the whole home will remain family-friendly.

Aside from the safety of aging family members, single storey homes also help provide safety to babies and toddlers. Staircases can become safety risks for young children as well. However in single storey homes where there are no stairs, you will have one less thing to worry about!.

2. Energy-efficient and economical

Houses with at least two floors require more energy to heat and cool. No matter how efficient the HVAC system in a home, single storey houses still offer more economy.

There is a smaller and more uniform space to heat or cool. Also, single storey homes are often more compact than double storey houses. This means a small space for heating and cooling. This results to savings in utility bills month after month. Double storey homes might also require an additional heating/cooling system. You might need to purchase another heating/cooling system and spend more in installation costs.

In addition, single storey homes are more economical in terms of structure and construction. In contrast, double storey houses require stronger and more expensive materials for structural support. Future renovations might also become more difficult and expensive in double storey homes.

3. Wide variety of designs to choose from

Some new homeowners consider double storey houses as having more variety. The exterior of the house can have a wide range of designs.

That’s also true with single storey houses. You can already choose a wide variety of architectural styles and designs. Whether it’s classic or modern, you can  find a design that suits your taste.

You can even request for customisations so the home will fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. Professional home designers can assist you with figuring out cost-effective solutions. You can also see the complete house plan before you commit to a particular design.

Single storey house plans NSW

If economy of land space is not a problem, having a singlestorey home is the ideal option. This is practical especially if you’re planning to make it your residence for decades to come. In addition, you will gain cost savings upfront (materials, construction) and in the long term (utility bills, future renovations).

If you need ideas and a custom single storey home plan for you and your family, our expert team at Hume Building can assist you every step of the way. We will design according to your needs, lifestyle and budget. Contact us today and let’s discuss your dream home.