Should You Choose a Production or Custom Home Builder?

When planning for a new home, one of the most important things you have to understand is the difference between production home builders and custom home builders.

While the difference between them isn’t big, it is crucial in determining how much control you have over the building process.

Both are great options and, all factors considered, each is capable of building an excellent home for you. The decision you make hinges heavily on the number of choices you’d like to make and how much input you wish to have on the design, in conjunction with the builder.

The Difference Between the Two is Simple

There are many home builders in NSW, so how do you narrow down and choose between the two types? Here are three things to consider.

Design Control

Production home builders have a library of home plans, each plan customised in various respects. As the buyer, you’re free to select products such as the appliances, flooring and cabinets from the many categories offered by the builder to create a model for the kind of home you desire.

For custom home builders, you get a one-of-a-kind home with a wider range of design options. If you wish to select most of the details that go into your new home, then you’d be better off using a custom home builder.

Working with a production builder means you’ll have to choose from the “menu”. While it might put a cap on how high you go with your creativity, it could offer you a great deal of inspiration – even things you might not have thought about – especially if the builder has a wide variety of truly great plans.

A custom home builder will allow you to build your new home on your own terms. Here you can go wild with your creativity. You can also consult the builder for ideas. Also, having that much control over the design means you can also control your budget by creating a plan that not only fits your budget but also your lifestyle.

However, note that production building has grown to be more customisable over the recent past and, owing to the favourable economies of scale on the side of production builders, you may end up with a better deal than you get with custom builders.


Most production home builders in NSW will offer you the new home and land as a package. Thus, while there’s a big chance you’ll end up in a really great neighbourhood, your choice is a little limited.

Custom-built homes can be put up on property that you already own or handpick, giving you more flexibility.


Typically, custom home builders in NSW charge a bit more than production builders, and it’s for a good reason. While production builders can buy supplies in bulk, which are typically less expensive, custom builders can only buy on demand, which is just one of the factors that makes custom building more expensive.

Expect Quality from Either but Consider Your Specific Needs

With that information, you’re ready to choose between working with a custom builder or a production builder. Note that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your home. A good builder in either category will deliver high quality – better than what you’d get with typical resale homes. The difference will only be in the variety of choices you’re allowed to make your home look and feel unique.

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